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Reasons why Men Enjoy Engaging in Wife Sharing

Wives rarely go to their husbands asking from permission for sex with other men. Men have varied reasons for this desire. The following are some of the motivations behind why men desire to watch their wives have sex with other men.

Sperm Competition

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Some men claim there is a biological response playing out here which affects the sexual drive of the man. After watching your wife with another man, you are prompted biologically have more vigorous, longer sex. You will also have shorter refractory periods between erections, harder ejaculations, and ejaculations with more sperms. After such episodes, most couples feel like they are in heat.


Most folks suggest that we live in a pornified culture where most men have seen pornography. They use it as part of their sexual repertoire. If you use voyeuristic processes in your sexuality, there is some legitimacy to suggest you can incorporate them in your marital sexuality. Watching your wife having sex with other men may be the next step. Or a progression from watching yourselves have sex with a ceiling mirror to watching your spouse with another man.

The thrill of the Taboo

The husband of an unfaithful wife is usually stigmatized in the society. Such husbands are regarded as weak and ridiculed or even beaten. Some men consider these taboos as the thrill for them from the excitement of the naughty and the forbidden.


two men and lady in bedOne reason why some men desire to watch their wives have sex with other men is bisexuality. This plays out in various dynamics. At times bringing in a man to bed with your wife can be a pretext, a bait and switch if you want to engage sexually with the other man. Some men are concerned about being seen as heterosexual but spend an awful time looking for well-endowed men for their wives. Men who focus on the size of the penis of the other men are ideally not straight.

Female Empowerment

Most couples embrace very powerful feminist principles. Some husbands feel a lot of joy at their wife’s increased independence, assertiveness, and confidence which comes from their wives’ freedom to have sex with other men. Some say that through the open sexuality of their wives, they consciously and actively reject social pressures as a couple. Such pressure can suppress female sexuality, patriarchial power and assert monogamy.

Wife sharing today is common amongst most people for various reasons. Above are some of the reasons why husbands choose or desire to watch their wives have sex with other men.…

Most Essential Dating Tips for Men

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Hikes versus drinks, calls versus text, you can ask lots of questions or fewer questions. The truth about dating is becoming more confusing for most men recently. Besides, you will find that lots of the real and tried dating tips will never change. Men may find it hard on how they can date their girlfriends and make them happy. To help you out with this issue, here are some of the crucial dating tips men can use.

Look Your Best

a smart guy with flowersBefore going for a date, it’s crucial that you check on how you look. Most men don’t think of their looks before going for a date. And you will find that women tend to pay more attention to few details related to your appearance. So, ensure that you dress well apply deodorant, check your nails to be clean and also take a shower. Even match your clothes, look decent on you and shouldn’t be wrinkled.

Don’t Play Games

Most men don’t want women to think that they are desperate, clingy and needy. However, if you would love to meet her again, you should let her know. You can include it in your conversation when coming to an end of your first date. You can tell her that you had a great time then ask her if she would if she will find time to meet up again soon. And if she’s ok with it, you should show appreciation then tell her you will call and arrange something. Make sure to call her when you say her you will.

Go Somewhere you are Comfortable

Men think that letting your date choose the place you will go is being a gentleman, but if you didn’t know, most women like to see if you can take control as well. You should overcome your fears by choosing a meeting place where you are familiar with and where you will feel more comfortable.

Confidence is Key

couple on a dateHow you share your glance or enter into a room shows how confident you are or not. The moment you feel awkward or odd, she might take on that uneasiness which can result to whether you are perceived as good looking or not. If you want to have a fantastic first date impression you should express your confidence.

Keep the Conversation Fun

You will find men who are too analytical, and they might even change the talk into a fact sharing session. And most women find such conversations boring and annoying. It’s not wrong to share facts but add in some intrigue, humor and some flirting overtones. And you will make her involved in every word you say.…

Romantic Ideas to Make Your Lover Satisfied

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People who don’t find true love are mostly the ones who care only about their own needs and not of their lover. If you become selfish to the person you are in love with you will receive selfishness in return from your lover. You should open your heart and get involved in memorable romantic moments all the time. Using the following romantic ideas, you will see your lover smiling at you with a happy smile while gazing at you and you will know that your efforts are working.

Love Letters

love letter with heartsWriting love letter is a fabulous romantic idea because they are meaningful and unique as well. If you don’t have any idea how to write the letter, it’s not an issue. All you have to do is to take a pen then let what’s in your heart flow. And before you realize it, you will in no time have shown your feelings towards your lover and the joy you have to have them as part of your life.

Take Turns to Plan Dates

In case if you have been dating for some time, you can then try something different. If you always go out only once in a week, you can take turns to arrange for the date. It has an excellent excitement and forms a challenge of the most infatuation moment. You may need to come up with something good to make the other person happy. And you will have lots of fun together.

Watch a Romantic Movie

If you don’t like to go out and watch a movie, you can have a romantic moment in your living room as well. Just choose a romantic movie that you have never watched before, then order in, snuggle up and enjoy the afternoon laying on each other’s arms watching your movie.

Have Tantric Sex

couple romancingFor all couple, it’s vital to have sexual intimacy just as it’s crucial to have emotional intimacy. No sexual act beats the tantric intimacy sex can develop your relationship. If possible spend some hours locked in your bedroom without disturbance and set your minds sexually high, that will make both of you have happy tears.

Romantic Vacations

You will find that nothing defeats a fantastic romantic or a fascinating vacation to grow the romance that you have never had. And if you can, make an effort to arrange for a holiday together like every year. Such vacations will result in good memories that will make your love life more exciting.…