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Module 5 - Adult Literacy Classroom

Instructional Design

Instructors who design curriculum that supports adult literacy learners must keep in mind the various goals, needs, backgrounds, learning preferences, and interests that make learners unique. They then must look at other factors in the adult education program itself that shape learning such as funding levels, locale, schedules, materials, space provided, and so forth, as a part of the instructional design.

In planning lessons, instructors must be aware of a goal and it's application in the classroom and practice outside the classroom. Instruction does not need to take place physically in what we think of as a traditional classroom. Volunteers can have a vital role in the design and delivery of adult literacy instruction.

Think back to classes you attended – perhaps a single day’s classes, or a particular instructor’s lessons.

On your worksheet, make some notes about any common elements you remember in your early education experiences. Then state why you think this predictability exists – what purpose does it serve in the learning process?

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