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Adult Education Content Standards Warehouse
American Institutes for Research (AIR)
Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Vocational Education (OVAE), the Warehouse is a repository of adult education content standards in the areas of English language acquisition, mathematics, and reading. Users can search and print standards by state and discipline. Also links to A Process Guide for Establishing State Adult Education Content Standards, which outlines how to develop and align content standards with assessments, curriculum, instruction, and professional development.

NIFL's Equipped for the Future Content Standards for Adult Literacy and Lifelong Learning
Aims to improve the quality and outcomes of the adult literacy delivery system by focusing on defining the skills that adults need to be productive citizens, workers, and family members.

Sample State Standards Available Online

Arizona Adult Education Standards
Arizona Department of Education
Performance standards and sample activities for adult learners in citizenship, English Literacy, mathematics, reading, science, social studies, and writing. Also provides a brief history and describes the process used to develop the standards.
Download/view: PDF (6.3MB)

Florida Curriculum Frameworks, 2006-2007
Includes ABE curriculum standards for math, reading, and language studies and lists standards for general education development (GED), English literacy and citizenship, education for senior adult learners and adults with disabilities, workforce readiness, and vocational preparatory instruction. Each curriculum framework includes information on program structure, length, and outcomes.

Foundation Skills: Framework for Building Pennsylvania's Workforce
Bureau of Adult Basic and Literacy Education, Pennsylvania Department of Education
Provides agencies and organizations involved in employment, training, and education with a framework, complemented by tools and materials, that will help them better understand Pennsylvania's work-based foundation skills and their role in the continual development of the workforce. Work-based foundation skills are broken into the following categories: basic workplace skills (which include applied academic skills), basic employment skills, basic workplace knowledge, and basic lifelong learning skills.

Massachusetts Adult Basic Education Standards
Massachusetts Department of Education, Adult and Community Learning Services
Offers a framework for constructing lessons in language arts, mathematics, history and social sciences, science and technology/engineering, and EL. Strands, standards, proficiency levels, and benchmarks are identified for each content area. Also includes a glossary, teacher vignettes, and student performance-level descriptors.

Nevada's Content Standards for Adult Basic Education
Nevada Department of Education
Content standards organized by program level, learning proficiencies (reading, writing, grammar, math, and computer skills). Specifies skills and knowledge for learning proficiencies at all levels, which correspond to the six National Reporting System (NRS) educational functioning-level descriptors.
Download/view: PDF (1.5MB)

New York Adult Education Resource Guide and Learning Standards
The University of the State of New York, State Education Department
Standards-based curriculum for adult education, plus supplements on EL/ESL, GED, and citizenship preparation. Outlines the standards, goals, and objectives for each content area, and offers guidance on curriculum development, instructional planning, classroom management, and assessment.
Download/view: PDF (540KB) | HTML

SABES ABE License Support: An Opportunity for Professional Growth
System of Adult Basic Education Support (SABES), Massachusetts Department of Education
Provides instructors and administrators with a list of helpful published documents, a few of which are online, for each state standard that relates to instructors. While the standards were developed for Massachusetts, many themes have universal appeal (such as using research on adult learning theory to design effective instruction, or interacting effectively with learners of all backgrounds). Also provides other instructional and professional development resources.